The Scent Diffuser


  • Covers up to 1000 square feet
  • Adjustable scent Intensity (9 settings)
  • Easy Blue-Tooth operation, using your cell phone; This is a Fabulous Feature!!!
  • Adjustable start and stop times (5 different settings available)
  • Made of solid, durable aluminum
  • Uses a unique “nebulizing” air pump
  • Whisper quiet!
  • Elegant design; shows sell in any setting
  • Available in black and silver
  • Choose from 10 Fragrance Oils (more coming soon….)

What’s Include with your diffuser purchase:

  • 1 (120 ml) bottle of scenting oil (your choice of available scents)
  • 1 (120 ml) empty bottle to use for additional fragrances that you can change out, as you like!
  • 1 (120 ml) empty bottle for diffuser cleaning purposes (see cleaning/maintenance instructions, below)
  • 10 scent samples (to help you choose next month’s scent!
  • Instruction Manual
  • One Year Limited Warranty


The diffuser is meant to be seen!  Place it on a shelf or table in the room of your choice where it best fits your décor!

Make sure the diffuser is in a location where there is good airflow, so the scenting oil molecules can best disperse throughout the area.  For instance, do not place under a table or behind furniture.

Do not place the Diffuser near an HVAC return vendor anywhere that could cause the scent to escape the room/area.

Try a few places until you find the location that is right for you!

Helpful Hints:

Start scenting at a lower intensity; if you are scenting your main living area, set the intensity level and then wait about 20 minutes.  Walk out of your front door and then walk back in; you should be able to smell a “light scent” as you walk in the door.

How To Use:

Do not turn on the diffuser until you have placed oil inside the bottle!!

Push down on the top of the diffuser and it will “pop up”; pull the top piece up and you will see the Oil Bottle.

Unscrew the Oil Bottle and fill with your favorite fragrance oil (do not fill all the way up to the rim!)

Tightly screw the Oil Bottle back into the diffuser top and press top back into the diffuser until the top is flush with the diffuser.

Press the “on” button, at the base of the diffuser.

You can then adjust the “scent strength” from 1 to 9.

Blue Tooth Set-up

Go to your Google App Store or Google Play and search for “Scent  Marketing”.

Download the App. (free)

Be sure your diffuser is plugged in and turned on.

Instruction Manual is also included.


Care and Maintenance

Every 2 to 3 months, you will want to clean out the diffuser to ensure it continues to run smoothly.  If you ever feel that the fragrance bottle is full but not scenting, it may be clogged; please use the directions, below, when this happens.

  • Turn off the diffuser
  • Unscrew the bottle and replace with the extra bottle you recieved, filled with rubbing alcohol (not need to fill to top!)
  • Turn the diffuser on and allow to run at level “9” for about 20 minutes.
  • Afterwords, replace the bottle with with your essential oil bottle and begin scenting!


  • Power: 110-240 volt
  • Dimensions: 2″ w x 12″ h
  • Bottle Capacity: 120 ml. (1-2 months)
  • Refill: 1-2 months (depending on usage)
  • Weight: 3 lbs
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