5 years ago my husband’s job moved us to Shanghai China. I  spent nearly 3 years there and on one particular day, I walked into a Hotel called Kerry Parkside, Pudong District.  I immediately noticed the wonderful “scent” in the air, as soon as I walked into the lobby.

My mood immediately lifted (not that I was unhappy!) and I took some deep breaths to keep the feeling going; every time I came back to that hotel, I couldn’t wait to experience it again!

I have been “obsessed” with scenting, ever since.

I tested over 10 diffusers, over the last couple of years, until I found the combination of qualities and benefits I was looking for, in an essential oil scenting machine/diffuser.

Our “nebulizing” diffuser provides the most effective dispersion of the essential oils through a pressurized air pump that breaks down the oil into an extremely fine dry mist.  These oil “nanoparticles” spread more evenly throughout the area and stay in the air, longer.

There is no heat, ethanol, or water used in this process so you will maintain the most therapeutic and aromatic qualities of the oil.

This is the ONLY diffuser available today with Blue-Tooth technology and the ability to easily set the time and scent intensity, from your cell phone.

My Criteria:

  • No water
  • Cold air nebulizing
  • No Plastic; solid workmanship
  • Consistent scenting (cartridges are typically strong at the beginning, then much lighter at the end)
  • Looks great in any room
  • 1 Year Warranty

My Mission:

To help my clients create “blissful” surroundings in thier homes, offices and retail spaces.

To offer the best in new scenting technology products at the most affordable prices in the industry.

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